All of us can get a huge amount out of reading a good Christian book. You can find our Bookstall in the North Aisle, just to the right of tea and coffee on a Sunday morning. Here you’ll find books for skeptics, books for believers, old titles and new titles, short books and long. But which one is the one you’re looking for? Here’s a guide to the five sections of the Bookstall:

What Christians Believe: Here you’ll find books that set out the teaching of the Bible on a particular topic, for example: who Jesus is, and what God is like. Start with:  Christian Beliefs, by Wayne Grudem.

The Christian Life: This is the place to look if you want to find books on living a godly life, prayer, and how we hear God’s voice today. Start with: Battles Christians Face, by Vaughan Roberts

Getting into the Bible: Books and notes that will help you in your own reading of the best book, the Bible. Start with: Daniel, by Justin Mote

Issues People Face: We all face struggles, but they can be very different. Here you’ll find books that give a little help for those walking through huge issues, as well as books that guide us in our daily life. Start with: Is God Anti-gay? by Sam Allberry or Nothing in My Hand I Bring, by Ray Galea

Family & Children: An easy way to encourage children to know the Bible is to find a kid’s storybook Bible and use a few pages a day at tea-time! Start with: The Big Picture Storybook Bible

A few tips to help you get the most from your new book:

  • Don't rush: The point is not to read a lot of books, but to learn a lot from the books you read.
  • Little and often: You'll be surprised by how far you can go in ten minutes a day.
  • Turn it into Prayer: When you've done reading for the day spend some time praying, thanking God for what you've learnt and asking him to help you put it into practice.

How to pay:

If you’d like a book, simply fill in the form inside it, and drop the form and your payment in the box. If you haven’t got the money with you, simply ask for an invoice and take the book away. If you’d like a book and someone just bought the last one, we aim to have books back on the bookstall a week later, or feel free to buy online.