Anorexia & Eating Disorders: About Anorexia

What is Anorexia?

YoungMinds is a UK charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing of children and young people. Their website includes a section all about Anorexia. Whilst the site focuses on young people, YoungMinds' definition of Anorexia is helpful to people of all ages. It also covers some of the causes of Anorexia and offers a positive approach to recovery.

What does the Bible say about Anorexia?

‘Eating Disorders: The Quest for Thinness’ by Ed Welch. This booklet, published by CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation), offers a truly helpful Christian perspective on Anorexia. If you think that the Bible has nothing to say about Anorexia read Galatians 5:1-6 and replace the word ‘circumcision’ (how Galatians believed they could become acceptable) with ‘follow food rules and rituals’ (how sufferers of Anorexia believe that they can also become acceptable). In this booklet Ed explains how Anorexia fools sufferers into believing that they can be perfect and in control. The first half of this booklet is available through this link. The complete booklet is available to purchase here.

Urban Saints have a web page dedicated to eating disorders. See Section 3 – What does the Bible have to say?