Sunday Groups

Our Sunday groups are designed to be as different as possible from school.  We meet together at the beginning of each session, sing together for a few minutes, celebrate any birthdays and share news, before breaking into smaller groups.

Parents are always welcome at any time.  Some Mums find it best to come with their children for the first few weeks to settle them into the routine.

What are they learning?

Our overall aim is for each child to learn to know and love the Lord Jesus. We read a story from the Bible each week, and with a combination of activities, discussions and instruction, we teach the traditional Christian faith.

Bubbles is for 3-5 year olds (up to the end of school Year 1).

X-stream is for 7-11 year olds (school Year 2-6). 

From time to time they will bring home craft activities that they have made during the sessions.  If you would like to learn more about the materials that we are using, please ask.

Who can attend these Sunday Groups?

We welcome children with one or other parent, or another adult, who will bring them to the service and take responsibility for them while they are with us.

What happens at the end of the session?

We will return the children to you at the end of the service, bringing them to the small room at the back of the church building (which we call the choir vestry).  We will give them a drink and a biscuit, and we invite you to take responsibility for them from that point onwards.

Children in the churchyard

We are very happy for children to use the churchyard as a playground after our services, although we encourage them not to attack each other with sticks!  We cannot provide 'playground cover' while the children are outside, we regard them as being in the care of their parents.

Children inside the church building

We discourage children from running anywhere within the building, because of the danger of scalding from hot coffee, and because of the risk of injury to the elderly.  We are not too keen on children using the Communion Table as a climbing frame, otherwise we try to have as few 'rules' as possible.

What about DBS checks?

All the leaders and helpers in this group have received DBS checks. There is an up to date safeguarding policy in place, as well as appropriate health and safety measures. 

Do ask if there's anything more that you would like to know!